Friday, November 9, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

So as you might've noticed--- I've never done a weekly wrap-up before.  But, as there are certain household chores that my husband has asked me to do, and that I am valiantly avoiding at the moment, I've decided that a weekly wrap-up is JUST what the doctor ordered today. 

Oh yeah, look at me---I don't fear change.  Walking into unknown territory?  Bring it on.  I'm fearless like that.  Look at me and tremble!!!  Bravery levels --- Off.  The.  Chart.

(Except when it comes to cleaning out the hall closet.  THEN I'm a quivering mass of "I-don't-want-to-do-this-Please-no-make-it-stop".  But I'd prefer not to think about that just yet.  Or ever.  Take your pick.  So.  Pressing onward.)

Weekly Wrap Up:

Item 1:  We had a visit from older Spawn last weekend, and that was GREAT!!  Haven't seen him in months, and it just felt so good to have him here again!  It felt completely surreal and WEIRD that he actually DROVE HIMSELF here, but I guess it's something we're just going to have to get used to.  =)

Item 2:  Michael's parents visited last weekend, too, and I'm sure it was great.  We haven't seen them in months, either, which is why I am greatly saddened to report that *I* didn't actually get to SEE them.  As per the normal with me for the last several months, I had a splitting headache on the day they came.  Even so, I HAD decided that I was just going to push through it, and ignore the pain, until their visit was over, at which time I planned on crashing into the bed in a very dark room.  (Again--"Bravery.")  Unfortunately, I didn't even get to do THAT, because about 8 minutes before they showed up I was hunched over the toilet, heaving up the saltine cracker I had just eaten in hopes of pacifying my cruel and aching head.

So I spent their entire visit in bed, with a trashcan sitting next to me, and one hand draped carefully over my eyes.


And of course, in complete compliance with the laws of the universe, by the time their visit was over my nausea had passed and my head felt almost workable again.

So at some point today I really HAVE to call them and apologize. . .

Item 3:  Regarding the headaches, there's not much to report.  Michael and I are both currently outdone with, and completely "over" doctors in general. . .  We went to my Primary Care doctor with this problem.  She ordered an MRI.  Got the MRI done.  It showed a really rare issue.  She sent me to an ENT.  The ENT said he didn't feel confident that THAT was what was causing the headaches.  But just to be safe, he wanted another ENT to look at it.  Soooo. . . I went to ANOTHER ENT.  HE didn't feel like that was what was causing my headaches.  Had the GALL to ask me if I had tried Excedrin? 

Yes, jackass.  I believe I've tried EVERY over the counter medication I could find.  (Except for Anacin. . .  I have been unable to locate ANY Anacin.  REALLY hoping it's not the miracle cure.) So far NOTHING has worked.  THAT'S WHY I'M HERE!!@!!!  Then HE ordered a CT scan.  Sooo. . . if you're keeping score at home, that's ALREADY over $300.00 in co-pays, as I got pinged back and forth from one doctor to another like the little puck in Pong, and still NO ONE has been able to tell me why I've HAD A FUCKING HEADACHE FOR THREE MONTHS STRAIGHT!!!

(Sorry for the language.  We are frustrated.)

Anyhoo. . . at this point, I said Game Over.  I'm done.  I'm not going to any more specialists as they order endless tests and continue to rack up an enormous bill.  Screw 'em.  I'll go back to my primary care doc and try to figure this out with her.  (She's the only one that seems like she actually CARES anyway.  If I'm going to pay out the ass, I'd rather pay her.)

Item 4:  Several years ago, during a weekend when Padawan was PARTICULARLY excitable and bouncing off the walls, I asked Michael how long he thought it would be before one of Padawan's teachers suggested we put him on Ritalin?  Yesterday we found out the answer to that question:  Kindergarten.

(Also, I learned how to spell "kindergarten" this week.  Could've sworn there was a "d" in there.  Hmph.  Live and learn.)

Yes, we had our first Parent-Teacher Conference yesterday.  It was me, Michael, and Padawan's Mom, and it was probably the most I have ever felt like a "parent" in my life.  . . .I just hate that it was necessary.  The bright side is that all three of Padawan's parents were on the same page, and in complete agreement with one another.  The dark side is that the kid has only had a few months of kindergarten, and his teacher said he is "completely disinterested in learning."  (This was not a great surprise.  Also---he is FIVE.  I did pretty well in school---right up until the pre-cal and trig thing, then I was screwed---but I do NOT recall having a great passion for learning at 5 years old.)  However, the amount of effort he has NOT put into any of his work---in kindergarten, read: "extensive coloring"---was truly dismaying.  (His dad and I both almost started crying.)  And, when I asked his teacher "What can WE do?", her answer was "I would take him to his pediatrician."  Read:  "Medicate this child.  NOW.  He's driving me bat-shit."

And our hearts collectively sank.

But none of us has any intention of medicating away his personality just so that he will be more "pliable".  So he's got THAT going for him, and that's good.  We are currently looking into behavioral techniques that WE can employ at HOME that will help him.  I think all three of us have the attitude of "God help me, whatever I have to do I WILL DO IT.  I will NOT let this child start thinking he is dumb just because he doesn't pay attention."

So things may be a little rough on the Padawan for a while.  (Things can often get that way when one's parents present a united front. =)

Item 5:  Election, election, blah blah blah, half the country's insanely happy, the other half is threatening to move to Australia, and I have been busy dealing with the flood of emotions that comes from deleting several people from facebook, because of hateful posts.  So let's all just get back to our lives, and begin sharing pictures of kittens again.  =)

Item 6:  For final News of the Week, Little Tookie has decided that our policy of "No Babies On The Computer" is COMPLETELY unfair, and he simply will NOT abide by it.

The bad news?  He bit a chunk out of the little wheel on the mouse.  But the good news is that his mouse control is truly admirable, so I guess it all evens out.  =)

And crap.  I guess that wraps it up.

Which means that it's time to get Tookie down for a nap. . . and then tackle that dreaded hall closet.

I HATE that hall closet.

You really wouldn't believe how awful it is.

It is despicable. . .

It is WOEFUL. . .

It is AMAZING that Michael is actually able to sleep at night with that closet only a few yards away. . .

It is. . .

Well, HERE it is:

 (Even the baby's shocked.)

I'm not entirely sure how much longer I can successfully put this off, so. . .

On the off-chance that there's a doorway to Narnia in there, or if I am simply never seen or heard from again. . .

Please tell my family members that I love them.

And please tell Michael that I blamed him.

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