Thursday, April 25, 2013

Randoms on a Thursday

It is a sunny day in the neighborhood.

And I am doing nothing.  =D

Baby is napping, clothes are in the dryer, and we just got back from a run to the grocery store, for some much needed coffee stuffs.  It is a beautiful day, and it feels breezy and wonderful outside. 

I have been sitting on our still almost-new back porch area, enjoying the sunshine and paging through my new Game of Thrones book.  (I'm on Feast for Crows now, or Season 4.  There was a lot of internal debate regarding whether or not to continue on to Book 4, after reading Book 3, LOVING it, and completely ruining the third season for myself.  But let it never be said that I learned my lesson.  =)

The out-of-doors has put me in a mild sun-stupor, and I feel drowsy and happy. 

So I'll write a little wrap-up now, or at least attempt to do so.

Weekly Wrap Up

1.)  I went to the dollar store this week.

It was wonderful.  =)

I love the dollar store.  I love it so much.

I pushed Tookie around in a stroller, and we browsed and took our time.  We entertained ideas about planting peas in the back yard.  (Nope.)  We briefly toyed with the notion of reading some political non-fiction. . . but then rejected the idea immediately.  (Because we have met us.)  We got a plastic rake and some sidewalk chalk for the baby, and we considered wearing dozens of plastic rainbow-butterfly barrettes in our hair.  (We decided that the world was probably not ready for us with our hair bedazzled by a dozen rainbow-butterfly barrettes.  We have decided to wait until next month.)

And we got some blue plastic cups.  (In a 4-pack!!!!  . . .we got two.)  . . .I just *knew* that Michael would be freaking DELIGHTED when he saw them.  Because, as close friends know, he *only* drinks out of medium sized, blue plastic cups.  (Without a lip.)

He is a persnickety man, as he will readily admit.  But he is neurotic in strange and hilarious ways that are completely different from my own.  And I adore him.

So you only *imagine* my shock when he came home and discovered our new 8 blue cups (Suprise!!! =), and expressed dismay instead of delight.

I have to admit. . . I was baffled.

I said as much.


Ha ha.  =)  No, but that would have been funny.

What actually happened was:

"But you LOVE blue cups!!" I told him.

He walked to the cabinet, and opened the door where the cups are held.  There is not room for another single cup.  Not one.  Not even a sippy.  Unless we throw some away first.

(And I will be damned if I will throw away a perfectly good plastic cup.  So there.)

"We don't NEED any more plastic cups!!", said my beloved.

And he was quite right.

And so it would appear that my thoughtful, romantic gesture of bringing home brand new blue cups fell flat.

Alas.  =(

2.)  We had some family over last weekend.

It was great.  =)

The elder Spawn came, and brought his lady-friend.  She was polite and lovely and very sweet.  And he spent all day playing with and chasing the Padawan, which was also very sweet.  Took brought up the rear of the parade, watching their antics and giggling at the silliness.

And then we ate meats and potato salads and pies.  =)

And even though I somehow managed to completely screw up the key lime pie (which was the only food-related job that was entrusted to me), the taste of it was still okay.

It looked pretty ghetto, though.  Pretty ghetto indeed.

(What happened was that I tried to put on the cool whip topping before the green part had completely set up yet.  I guess.  And the cool whip must've been pretty hard, because it just seemed to sink to the bottom of the green part.  And when I tried to smooth it all out, and make it look nice, it just kind of sank into the green stuff a little deeper.  So it was all mixed together, and looked very accidental.  Which is NEVER what you want your pie to look like.  Or so I'm told.)

I derped it all up, and, consequently, decided to call it Derp Pie.

It was delicious, and even the baby liked it, going from family member to family member to get a bite.  Like a baby bird.  A baby bird with a fondness for Derp Pie.

Lovely day.

3.)  I am tired of writing now.

So good day to you, sirs.

. . .

. . . I say "Good day"!!

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