Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Brief List of Random Thoughts Winging Round My Brain

**Michael is feeling sick, and he is a little dehydrated, so I am making him sit up in bed and drink sweet tea.
He is also clearly delusional, because he is watching the news and facebooking on his phone, and has just expressed irrational dismay over the fact that he had not posted a swear word in the comments on Fox's facebook page so that it might be seen on the air. Also: He gets popsicles.

**I'm sitting here eating the black-eyed pea dip that I simply HAD to make because. . . because I was really craving it. (Woke up from our nap with a super-strong craving. Who am I to question?) We didn't have all the ingredients, and so I've had to substitute some stuff, but it is still delicious. . . . I need to remember to one day devise a recipe for a black-eyed pea dip that contains soy sauce and chinese hot mustard.

. . .pretty sure that would REALLY be where it's at.

**Michael just shared that he knows someone that drives a nice car. (Not unheard-of nice, but nice.) And this person is so preoccupied with the maker of this particular car, and the status that they obviously believe that it represents, that they go out of their way to find excuses to work it in to conversations and/or statuses.

This is one of my biggest peeve-buttons.

(I hate it when people do this.)
I fully believe that behavior of this nature makes you a perfect twat of a person.

(I feel pretty strongly about it.)

**I made the boys a fort in the kitchen. It is completely kick-ass, and even better than the last one.

Because I RULE at fort-planning and execution.

(I think it is important to recognize your strengths.)

**I have decided that I am going to be more patient with people. Not because they deserve it, but because I am not a complete asshole.

And I'm pretty proud of that.


This dip is awesome.


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