Friday, December 26, 2014

So I Got My First Infinity Scarf, and You've All Been Doing It Wrong =D

Christmas day is over, and today has been a L-A-Z-Y day around our house.

But, while drinking my coffee this morning with a sleepiness so deep that it was close to cold desperation. . . I considered writing a few different blog posts.

There are things I've been meaning to write about, and just haven't gotten around to it yet.

. . . I've been BUSY, okay??


I could write about Christmas, or I could write my eulogy for the late Mr. Ash Ferley, or I've been thinking a lot about a piece on forgiveness, and growing your soul, and blah blah blah.

Frankly, yesterday was FANTASTIC (!!!) . . . but I am TIRED.

And I just wasn't up for anything that deep today.

. . . . . .

Then I remembered that I had some Christmas gifts in a bag that I had yet to put away.

And IN IT. . . were TWO Infinity scarves.

And so, in the spirit of the season. . . of the SEASON, PEOPLE!!!!  . . . I totally blew off everything else I was going to do today (aside from take a nap. . . I managed to fit that in), and had a mini photo shoot in front of my bathroom mirror, trying to figure out different ways to wear an Infinity scarf.

(I'm late to the party, I know.  It has been previously established in this blog that I do NOT have the faintest CLUE about fashion.)

However, from what I can tell. . . you've all been doing it very, VERY wrong.

Pose #1:  The Basic Draped-Shoulder.

I liked this one.  As a lady who appreciates having her shoulders covered, but is not a huge fan of long sleeves, I found this to be a winner.

Also, the low front loop makes a great pocket for holding snacks or whatever.

Pose #2:  The Head-Covered Chin-Bow

Not a favorite.

A little too Star Trek-y, but not in the good way.

Zero stars.

Pose #3:  The Snuggly-Neck

A bit basic, in my opinion, but I would wear it.

My neck was fabulously warm.  Once I got past the sensation that I was slowly being strangled.  By really soft hands.

Pose #4:  Definitely Trekked Out

. . . TOO Trek-y??


Maybe just a *smidge* too Trek-y.

Pose #5:  Yeah.  This feels *right*

Yep.  I feel like I probably should've dressed like this every day of my life so far.

Pose #6:  The Frickin Goddess




I'd like to introduce you to how I'll be dressing from now on.

Hope you enjoyed this brief tutorial on how to properly wear your scarf.



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