Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fading Coupes and Future Tooks

Today I was reading in the back yard while Took parked and re-parked his 4 wheeler and his tricycle and his Cozy Coupe, taking time to get each one just so.  He is careful, and attentive. 

He seems to take joy in his work.


And I find myself noticing that the once-bright, primary red on his Coupe has started to fade.  It has spent so much time out in the sun that it is getting bleached, and the primary red plastic is already turning a more relaxed, muted pink.

I look at each of the other wheeled vehicles in turn (his beloved "tars," his precious), and can't help but notice that each one is showing signs of wear. . . 

The green 4 wheeler, which had originally belonged to The Tiny Terrorist, is scuffed all over, and the black seat and green body are fading.  The tricycle seems the most resistant, but is showing the first signs of age.

I sit there and look at them. 

He has had SO MUCH FUN with these things!!  In this back yard, has had many, MANY adventures already.  He tells me about them all the time.  I can usually make out as many as 10 to 12 words per conversation. 

It is enlightening.  =)

As I sit there and watch him play, I briefly consider instituting a new "We Must Put Our Outside Toys In The Garage Every Night" policy.

. . . but then I think that maybe I won't do that at all.

Maybe the toys should stay out.

Putting them away is really only delaying the inevitable. 

Toys fade.

And the toys that fade fastest are the ones that are well-used, and worn from play. 

Took is only going to be able to play with most of these tars for the next couple of years or so, TOPS.

So why put them away every night?

They are waiting for him there every morning, as soon as he comes outside.  . . .Which is usually a demand made QUITE early every morning.  Strangely enough, he seems to EXPECT that we are to go outside every morning, directly after breakfast.  And when horrible things happen like "it's raining", or "Mama said no", it is clear that I am simply choosing to be difficult.  Or, as I like to call it, The Path of Most Vocal, Fit-Pitching Resistance.

So unless it is raining, we've decided to keep the toys out, for now.

The back yard is a very important part of Took's life.

I've witnessed many fantastic things happen there. . . and I know that toys sometimes help those fantastic things happen.

So they stay. 


They will fade, and they will get scuffed, and stickers will eventually peel off. . . and by then it will probably be time for bigger and newer bikes anyway.  So let them be enjoyed.  As much as possible.

. . .because when the day comes that it is time for "bigger and newer bikes". . . it is going to be a dark, DARK DAY for yours truly.  Physical evidence.  Staring me in the face.  Evidence of the passage of time in Took's childhood. 

Bloody hell.  I'll probably still be trying to shove Took into the Cozy Coupe when he's 12 years old. . .
"Get in!!  I know you can do it!!  Just bend your legs more!!  . . . . MAMA NEEDS HER BABY BACK!!!!!"
(Artist rendering:  Future Took) 
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Also. . . . it is Halloween. 

Our neighborhood is CRAYZEEE at Halloween.  And it is supposed to rain/possibly storm.  Who knows?  Also, I have no idea if I will be able to successfully wrangle a willfull toddler into facepaint and a raccoon hoodie. 
This is going to be an interesting night.

We are one of the handful of houses in our neighborhood that has NOTHING in their front yard.  No decorations, no lights, no spiderwebs, no PUMPKIN.  And our neighborhood goes ALL OUT!!!  It is a fantastical spectacle to be seen!!  But a wee bit exhausting.  We shall see.

So all that needs to be done is:

*  Go through the halloween candy bowl, saving a few of the best pieces for home use.

*  Wait for Took to get home, then start applying our facepaint.
(We want him to see the process.  Don't want to freak him out.)




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