Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Favorite Things This Week. Important. (Srsly.)

So I was just sitting here, thinking about Oprah Winfrey.

. . . .

(As, I am sure, we are all wont to do at one time or another.)

And I was thinking about how she does her 'favorite things' shows, and she lists all of her favorite things for the week, or the month, or until the wind changes, or whatever.

. . . or I am thinking about Martha Stewart? . . .


AM I????

Well.  ONE of them. . .

(I could easily google the answer to this perplexing little riddle. . . but I choose not to.  Because I believe that some things should remain mysterious.  It's fun.)

Anyway.  Long story short:  a list of favorite things.  That's a great idea, and doesn't involve a great deal of effort.  So here are some of my favorite things this week:


1.)  Lizards that sneak inside via houseplants.

It got pretty cold one night last week, so we grabbed the portable plants from the back yard and brought them inside for the night  (Sleepover, Houseplant Edition).  And this little guy had a hell of a day.  Probably woke up in the plant, completely amazed to find himself indoors.  Made an heroic break for freedom. . . which turned out to be foolhardy, as he was directly in front of a kitty cat and a toddler at the time.  He (or she. . . IF she, then: 'Esmerelda') was eventually apprehended and released to the safety of the Mexican Heather.  . . . the locals still talk about it in hushed voices.

2.)  When Took asks me to fix his hair.

He has gotten just old enough to want to do everything (and I mean everything) that we do.  This includes everything from carrying around a "phone" and a set of keys to lock (and unlock. . . repeatedly) the house and car, to mowing the lawn, to bossing the kitty cats (I was amazed to find that we apparently do a lot of that), to fixing our hair.  
. . . it is probably a sign that I am severely broken and evil that I find this so funny. . . but to that I say: 
"Pssssh!  Whatever." 
He looks like a little Who from Whoville, and I am unapologetic.
3.)  Suprise!  New book!

We were in Target the other day and I was thrilled to find this book!!  It is the third in the Divergent trilogy, which I have greatly enjoyed.  I thought it wasn't coming out until Christmas. . . so I am very, VERY happy.  =D 
 4.)  Plastic Halloween Pumpkins for a Dollar

Candy goes HERE.

5.)  This artwork of Devin's.

Found this on Devin's notepad when I went to clean his room.  =)

Scientists have been studying the markings all week.  Best guesses indicate that it is meant to represent some sort of sports game.  We are hesitant to call it "soccer", as it appears that it is being played with a bowling ball.

We are always happy when we are able to introduce a bit more culture into our lives.

Fascinating work.

6.)  The Thanksgiving issue of Southern Living that is waiting for me in the den.

Maybe this year is the year that I learn how to cook each and every dish that is a vital component in a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

. . . or maybe I just look at the pretty pictures.
And show up at Thanksgiving with what is becoming my official offering to the feast:  seven layer salad and mashed potatoes.  (You do not need an abundance of skill to render either one delicious, and who doesn't like mashed potatoes?  WHO?  . . . point them out to me, and I will END THEM.)
7.)  Surprise crackers. 

It would appear that my son has the soul of a depression-era hoarder.  He is continuously squirreling away crackers and snacks in random areas of the house.  I can only assume that he is shoring up snack provisions in anticipation of "leaner times."

I appreciate this habit of his ("Waste not, want not!" and all), but it makes the house perpetually tricky.  I do a minimum of 5 full-house sweeps every day.  This is when I gather the majority of my information regarding his activites. 
You can learn a lot by watching a kid.

You can learn even more by paying attention to what they hide away from everyone.  So far, Took's secret treasure troves mostly just contain saltines, goldfish crackers, his Captain Hook compass, and the occasional jelly bean.

8.)  These lavendar-scented air wicks.

We've jammed these babies in just about every room in our house.

The result?  Two words:

 9.)  $1 Halloween socks.

We're smack in the middle of my favorite time of year:  The time when you can get adorable little bat socks, and ghost socks, and skull socks for about a dollar.  Dollar Tree, Target, Wal-Mart. . . they're everywhere, and I love it.

Also, you can usually find great deals on plastic cups with bats and ghosts and skulls.

10.)  Took's cotton candy, left over from his second trip to the Pumpkin Patch.

. . . I might be a horrible mother. . .   ='(

Also:  I turned 37 this week.  My back is killing me, but spirits have been pretty high. 

I have spent this week shuffling around in an afghan, wearing snuggy cookie monster pants.
And . . . I ate a dozen petit fors.
No punchline.  No lie.

I ate a dozen petit fors.

And I regret nothing.





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