Saturday, April 7, 2012

Scattered, Smothered, Covered. . .

It's 10:30 in the morning and I feel like I've already had a busy day.  I've downed a huge Jumbo-Slurpee-sized tumbler of coffee, and am seriously contemplating a second. . .

But I'm pretty sure my system doesn't need that much Almond Joy-flavored dairy creamer, so I have moved on to cola. . .

The baby woke up at a quarter to 6:00 this morning, and has only just gone back to sleep.  He acts like he isn't feeling well, and is currently getting allergy medicine in his bottle.  So we woke up early and he toddled around in his walker and munched on saltine crackers while I made coffee and got ready for the day.

His Pawpaw and Lon were coming over for a visit at 8:00 this morning, so waking up early actually helped a little. . .I had plenty of time to wake up, tend to the baby, get dressed, and straighten up the house.  And I was even managing to get a load of clothes in the wash when they pulled up in our driveway this morning.  Fairly accomplished for a Saturday, I guess. 

Good enough, anyway =)

. . .They always say "Don't clean up for us". . .and I'm sure they always mean it.  But I have to at least do a cursory cleaning before someone comes over.  Especially parents.  . . .I never want to feel like "Hi!  I'm your offspring!   Just living here. . .in self-imposed squalor."  And in addition to this, I am a neurotic freak about some things. 

I just am. 

And one of my 'things' (creative, I know, but I don't know what else to call it) is that if my house is filthy, it makes me feel like my life is out of control.  I can handle it a little messy. . .and with 2 cats, 2 adults, and 1 baby, it GETS messy. . .but if it starts to get TOO bad, I start feeling panicky and out of control.  It actually calms me to have a clean house.

This does NOT, by any means, indicate that I feel this way about OTHER peoples' houses--Oh, no!  This is just a me-thing.  And, since this one I find to be particularly helpful, and since I am NOTHING if not attached to my own neurotica (. . .real word??  Might need to check on it. . .) I have decided not to worry about it all that much.

So all this means is that the smushed Goldfish crackers were swept up off the floor, and the worst of the cat hair was wiped off the furniture when the grandparents arrived this morning.  The baby was clean and sweet-smelling.  I was even wearing lipstick.  It was awesome.

And mornings like these are always so much fun---especially since it's been a few weeks since Nolan has seen them.  He's changed so MUCH!!  . . .his hair is growing like mad into little curls all over his head, he's as fat as a little pig, and the only thing he loves more than chasing the cats around our entire downstairs is Fruit Loops.  He cackles and laughs when you flurbert his belly, he gurgles and tries to talk, and he navigates his walker like a pro.  There was a lot to show off  =)

. . .Also. . .did I mention that they came with gifts of Cadbury eggs??  . . .because they DID.

TEN, to be exact.

If it is my shield you're trying to buy, Sir, then surely you have done it. . .

. . .I've been watching too much Game of Thrones.

(But seriously.  That show is awesome.  AWESOME.)

Moving on.

(whispers: **awesoooooommmmmmme**)

So it feels like it has been a busy week, and were it not for caffeine, I think I might be walking around here brain-dead.  I've been completely scattered. . . as evidence of such, I walked past a mirror an hour ago and noticed that I have somehow managed to apply a 4-inch square, Snooki-colored spot to my neck, in tanning lotion.  I've scrubbed it off now and my neck is a much-lovlier strawberry-red, but seriously---how did I DO that?  I put on MAKE UP this morning, for God's sake!---I LOOKED in the mirror!  How in the hell did I miss THAT?

Moving on.

I'm scattered.  And the reason is in a neon yellow medical wristband that's hanging on our mail caddy.  It has Michael's name on it, and it is from yesterday.

Aside from being his birthday---(Happy birthday!  Here's some torture!!)---yesterday was also the day Michael went in to have his esophagus stretched. . .

There is a word for it, but I'm not even going to attempt to spell it.

It's a routine procedure, he's out in a few hours, and it is, by all accounts, 'nothing major.'

Except that everyone knows that when it comes to the most important person in your life, 'nothing major' becomes VERY 'major.'

So we spent the first half of his birthday at the hospital. 

My mom was good enough to keep the baby, so on the up-side:  He got some time with her.  She even took him with her to see MY granny---and so he had a really big day.  I'm sure his cheeks were pinched nearly raw.

We have never had any issue with a shortage of grandparents offering to keep the baby. . .we actually joke about it to other parents.  And I've seen the jealousy in their eyes. . .  Oh yes--it was there.

So the baby played with his grandmas, and I sat in a waiting room and made it halfway through my new library book.  And I am VERY grateful to report that he came out of it fine, and should have a LOT less trouble now.  He's still sore, but will get better, and is at work even as I write this. 

He was, of course, IMMEDIATELY joking about it. . .  We got home and he changed his facebook status to:  "For my Birthday I had my throat stretched by a very large man... (true story)".  . . .which is fair, I guess:  His doctor was 6'9" tall, and had to duck to get in the doorway.  Like crazy-tall.

But just because all is now well does NOT mean that my entire body has unclenched yet  =)

Anytime something like this involves someone you love---your gut clenches, your butt clenches, and your soul clenches.  Until you see that person again, and they are okay.

And I got to do that.

So now he is at work, the baby is sleeping, the grandparents have gone home, and the only thing left that I really have to accomplish today is to get Nolan's and Devin's Easter baskets ready.  And by 'ready' I mean 'Go to Target and buy everything, bring it home and fix it'  . . . and I am just itching to make one for Cana as well, but he's 15, and really too old for it, I guess.  (I don't want to be insulting.)  However, I feel I need to add that *I* like Cadbury eggs.  A LOT.  And I will be having one shortly.  That is all.

Except for this:

Yesterday was Good Friday, and it was Michael's birthday, and it was the day he got his throat stretched by a large man.  And his hospital bracelet dangles here on the desk-- because he came home.

As I MAY have mentioned--I am neurotic. 

It has been a rough week for me, and I am tired.

I need a nap. 

But even as scattered, smothered, covered, as my brain feels right now, my heart is so very grateful.

My husband is healthy. 

My parents are active in my child's life. 

My baby is fat, and asleep.

My cats are high on nip.
(true story.)

. . .and Game of Thrones exists.

. . .Have I mentioned Game of Thrones? . . .?

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